Reliable partner for control cabinets and cable assemblies

As a quality oriented outsourcing partner, hotset creates value for our customers in facility construction, equipment manufacturing and automation processes. Based on our comprehensive engineering and production know-how as well as our expertise in thermodynamics, plastics technology, sensor technology and control technology, we provide a broad spectrum of services - from the construction of custom control panels (ul508a) to the manufacturing of cable assemblies. Whether its one control panel to hundreds of cable assemblies, hotset's value-creation outsourcing enables our customers to concentrate even more on their core business.

Custom Control Cabinets (ul508a)

We help our customers expand their production capacity and sales potential by providing the ability to quickly connect a quality finished cabinet. As our customer, you would receive a high quality cabinet that complies with international standards. All electrical, electronic and mechanical configuration and installation work (assembling, wiring, soldering, inspecting, etc.) is done in our hotset facility conveniently located in Swainsboro, Georgia, just a couple hours from Atlanta, and only about an hour to the Savannah port. Our comprehensive understanding of outsourcing allows us to accommodate our customers delivery requirements. Following the just-in-time principle, the deliveries are made directly to your facility or to any on site location. hotset provides cabinets to customers in the fields of plastics technology, oil and gas technology and specialty equipment manufacturing among others.

Cable assemblies

One of our core competencies is the assembly of customer specific cable systems and wire harnesses. We offer our customers the ability to order these components with the confidence that they will receive a high quality assembly in the time they need. As a successful manufacturer of cable and sensor-supported products, components and systems for thermo-dynamic application in the industry, hotset has many years of practical experience and production know-how in the area of cable assemblies. Our system partnerships and transfer of know-how with reputable suppliers is also an important part of hotset's high quality standard and competitive capacity.

Win-Win partnerships

All of hotset's value creation and outsourcing projects are designed as win-win partnerships, where both companies profit from collaboration based on trust and achieve long term relationships. The common starting point is a comprehensive observation of our customers needs based on feasibility and value analyses. While on the path to the ideal solution, we focus on product quality, process optimization, increasing efficiency and resource conservation.